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Brigantine Public Schools is asking if you are not currently residing at the residence our District has on file to please contact Mr. Jeff Zeck at (609)266-2877 ext. 3 to update your contact information at this time.
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Instructor: Teacher Teri   
Artitech Academy is a virtual art and techno classroom for 3rd and 4th grade students of the Brigantine Elementary School interested in art, technology and culture. We are currently running a small trial class, however, if you or your child might be interested in joining us, email Teacher Teri at and we'll set you up.
Class Announcements
OK-I'm really not loosing my mind...believe it or not, I had it right the first time. We tried to skype this morning and the school in Bangkok had the date wrong! They were planning on skypeing on Thursday morning, but they got confused with the time change and told us Wednesday morning.
SO-we will try again tomorrow morning (Thursday, April 9) at 7:45. I am so sorry!!!!! Please come to the art room and we'll SKYPE.
I still have some of the breakfast from yesterday and cereal boxes to eat. If you would like to bring in a snack to share, we would greatly appreciate that.
Mrs. Gragg
I am so sorry! I messed up! Skypeing is actually Wednesday morning-not Thursday morning!!!! Please forgive me! I sure hope you can attend!
Let's SKYPE!
Please come to the art room on Thursday, April 9 at 7:30-8:30 am to SKYPE to Bangkok, Thailand! I will have cereal and juice available. If you would like to bring a snack to share, that would be awesome.
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you so much to everyone who worked on ArtiTech. I truly enjoyed this experience and was overwhelmed by your participation, class excitment and dedication-THANK YOU!
Remember to check back once in a while during the summer to see if there is a new blog. Please blog and let me know how you are doing!
At this point, ArtiTech will resume in September.
Once again-thank you and I will miss you all!
Now let's get to work on Arts Night!
Teacher Teri
Wrap up party!!!
Don't forget-tomorrow at 3:15-4:00 Let's party! Elementary art room. Parents: you need to provide transportation home, please!
Last week of ArtiTech
Well, believe it or not, we are actually wrapping up this semester of ArtiTech Academy. We will be on summer hiatus until September, but I sure hope my "virtual class" will come play again next year.
This Friday, at 3:15-4:00 please come to the art room for pizza and snacks. We will be hopefully Skypeing then as well as having fun. If you didn't get to make a scrapbook page or a podcast, please let me know so I can get you caught up. The last group of students will be working with Mrs. Meyer's this week.
There is one more task for ArtiTech...please blog to me what you liked about ArtiTech. Remember-it's not too late to earn buckets!
Have a wonderful week and thank you!
Teacher Teri
Let's have some fun at! Kerpoof is a fun online creation program (free). I have set up an account for all of the students to play for free (this is purchasable if you want the extended features, but you can get almost everything you need free through the ArtiTech account). Go to, sign in (I will email you your sign in info or give it to you at school on Monday-if you want it sooner, email me and I'll get it to you right away). And have fun!
1. Design your avatar (upper right hand corner)
2. Take the tour under How to Play (question mark)
3. Make a drawing. Save it.
4. Try some of the other fun artitstic tools like making the card, movie, storybook. Just have fun! Make sure to save your creations when you are done.
The saved items will come up in your bookbag by your avatar under my creations.
Over by the avatar, you can chat with me or your classmates under the envelope.
Don't worry-it's a closed class and completely safe, but remember your blogging rules-I will review all comments so always be nice!
5. Go to the virtual classroom and blog me about what you did!
Have fun!!!!!!
Great Podcasting and scrapbooking!
Great job everyone!
REMEMBER: bring your flashdrive and your Ellie homework with you to school everyday this week. Mrs Meyers will be calling you to the studio to work on your podcast during your recess.
PODCASTING and Scrapbooking on FRIDAY
Friday, Oct. 13, 3:15-5:00 please remember to pick up your child.
WHAT YOU NEED: Your Ellie Webquest homework* (the one you wrote your answers in), your flash drive, a picture of you and your geocaching pictures if you went.
*We will be using the homework from Ellie's webquest as the words for our podcast-you have to have it with you. Please bring your own copy, as not all of the files I received converted correctly.
Fantastic Fun Geocaching!
Great work everybody! I truly enjoyed spending my Saturday with you, your family and my family geocaching! Check out the blog to see the slide show pics and PLEASE BLOG about your time today!

Let’s Go Geocaching with ELLIE!

Here are the details…can’t wait to see you!

Family Geocaching (children must bring a driving adult!) :
Sat. March 7
meet in front of the Brigantine Elementary School
NEED: 2 little treasures to share (nothing expensive…look at the bottom of the toy box! Examples: trading card, coin, seashell, little figure, little eraser…anything little!)
camera-take pictures for your Scrapbook project.
GPS unit (if you have one-yes, the ones in the cars should work if you can put in coordinates), please bring it so we can compute the coordinates into your GPS to make the experience better.

Agenda: We will be visiting 2 actual geocaches and 1 ghost geocache. Both are easily accessible and should be OK for the weather expected this Sat.

Permission Slips: If you haven't sent your in-PLEASE DO SO IMMEDIATELY. I want to have a list of participants in case the weather gets bad and I have to call you.

RAIN DATE: IF the weather is bad, I will call you and we will reschedule for SUNDAY, March 8 at 2:00-4:00 pm (after the Stokes brunch of course!).

I can't wait!
Thanks-Teacher Teri

p.s. If you want to check out geocaching before we go, go to, sign in: ArtiTech, password ArtiTech, go down to the center, type in our zip code and see what comes up!

Time to do our last Ellie adventure-coming home to Brigantine and then touring the United States with her using Google Maps to get into Google Earth.

All instructions are listed in the virtual classroom under "Get your Homework Instructions Here". Also, please remember to blog when you are done!

Then of course, we will be GEOCACHING with Ellie this weekend in Brigantine.
We had an oops. By accident Ellie the Elephant's classoom map got deleted. I am very sorry to those of you who already did your placemarkers. You get credit it for it, even though our map disappeared! If you would like to try again, please do-you'll get an extra bucket!
WORD OF CAUTION: DO NOT close the map by clicking the blue x-that is to DELETE the map, not close it! Close the map by signing out when you are done.
Let's try again!
Teacher Teri
Listed below if you didn't get the emails. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.
Ellie's next adventure has begun! It is up to you to help her build a classroom map in GOOGLE MAPS using your research from the webquest and pictures from PICASA. You will receive 2 emails-one invites you to view our map and make a place marker and the other asks you to look at pictures FOR THE PLACE MARKER.
GO TO GET MY HOMEWORK HERE, to ELLIE'S CLASSROOM MAP, for your instructions. PRINT them out to help you with each step.
Parents-please help!
Have fun building your map. When you are done, you can see it in Google Earth.
If you do not have PowerPoint on your computer, or the Microsoft 2007 Office Package, you can download free software to be able to view documents. The downloads are under LINKS FOR DOWNLOAD to the left.
PowerPoint and Office LINKS to help
To better help you view the PowerPoint and the Word documents, please see LINKS FOR DOWNLOAD by Classroom Links.
Making Ellie more user friendly...
To make Ellie the Elephant a little more user friendly, I've done the following:
  • All of the Ellie files, powerpoints, documents for the WEBQUEST are in the ELLIE THE ELEPHANT WEBQUEST FOLDER.
  • I've placed a WORD file called Ellie the Elephant WORD for those of you who are having trouble opeing the WEBQUST ELLIE on PowerPoint. You can use either format.
  • Also there is a  WORKSHEET for Ellie-that is if you want to print it out and hand write in your answers.
  • You can also type directly into that document by saving it and then typing (if you prefer to type).
  • IF YOU TYPE YOUR ANSWERS, you can upload the file to me in the Homework section called Ellie the Elephant.
  • OR bring me the actual piece of filled out paper by Feb. 20 and I'll copy it and give it back to you for your next project*. Thanks for your patience!
*Ellie's Classroom Map is the next project. I will upload instructions later this week.
Thanks for your patience.
Teacher Teri
BUCKET BLOG, please!
Please remember to blog throughout this class. Earn extra buckets for extra credit for great blogging. The BUCKET BLOG CHART is updated daily (see class webpages to the right). See how you are doing!
Awesome Avatars-PLEASE CHECK!
Make sure your avatar is in the slide show blog. If it isn't, please upload the file in the homework drop box. When you do that, please tell me who your are. Thank you!
Fantastic Training and NEXT ArtiTech Adventure
Thank you parents and children for coming to training! You did fantastic.
Our next ArtiTech Adventure, AFTER you are done with your Avatar, is WEBQUEST: Ellie the Elephant. Please WATCH the PowerPoint together (parents and kids), then PRINT the Itinary worksheet. Use the links in the POWERPOINT or down below under CLASSROOM LINKS and go visits websites about the countries. CHOOSE which 2 places you want to plan for Ellie the Elephant. Write down your answers on your printed paper. BRING THE ITINERARY TO ME ON 2/20. I'll copy it for you and give it back for you to use it for the next project (Ellie the Elephants MAP).
Thank you!
Teacher Teri
Great day today!
Wow! What a great class you all are! You did wonderful today.
Remember this is what I would like you to do this week:
1. Log onto, go to classroom links and scroll to VIRTUAL CLASSROOM.
2. Sign in using your user name and password (its in the blue book).
3. Come to this screen and see what you need to do. You can also go up to the ArtiTech Academy website to check out what you should work on under ArtiTech Adventures for this week.
4. Log onto your email (remember: District email, then your user, password and OK. If you get stuck ask for help!). Read your email, and email me back.
5. Make your avatar-I'd like you to make 1 real person and one wild person. Please also, send it to me at my home email as well as at school. Remember: to save it, hit the get a wild desktop option, then RIGHT click and you'll see save picture as. Click that and then name it, and save it preferrably to your flash drive-ask your parents how to do this. If you can't save it to a flash, save it to the My documents folder on your computer.
6. Bucket Blog about your avatar.
Hope this helps! Have fun!
Teacher Teri
Welcome to our Virtual Art and Techno Classroom. Here you’ll find great fun adventures at ArtiTech Academy exploring art, technology, world cultures and just fun stuff!

What is a Virtual Classroom? In a nutshell, a class online. We are making a class for elementary students where it is a safe, secure learning environment that will utilize an abundance of awesome techno gadgets combined with culture and art. Our goal is to teach our students how to use the computer and internet at home as a remote distance learning tool. It sounds very complicated, but it really isn't.

Bottom line, your kids will learn really wonderful techniques in a safe environment that will help them as they grow older. They may even teach you something you didn’t know about the computer.

We, the teachers of ArtiTech Academy, will be with you every step of the way through email, blogging and training.

Discussion Topics
Class Contacts
+ G, Teacher Teri
Click on name to see details.
Check your buckets here
get your homework instructions here
Information on how to make and save avatars.
 Ellie comes HOME to BRIGANTINE!
Get your homework here for Ellie's next adventure-your house!
In here are the powerpoints, the worksheet and the instructions in word format for Ellie's first adventure.
 Ellie's Classroom Map-print me!
Get your homework here!
In this folder you will find technocal help.
Here's the instructions for Kerpoof. PRINT THIS!
Samples of Student Works
Put your homework here
No "Put your homework here" exist(s)

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